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Principal's Welcome Message

It is my pleasure to welcome all the Hector Peterson family new and old to the Academic Year 2017. On behalf of the community of Hector Peterson Secondary School, I welcome all parents of our new students and especially those whose association with the school is just beginning.  Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision and I trust the accompanying information will assist you and your child.


Each new school year brings joy, excitement, and anticipation for the many great opportunities our students will experience at Hector Peterson Secondary School. I am so proud and fortunate to be a part of such an amazing, close-knit school community. My goal is that everyone that enters our school will feel welcomed, loved and safe. I hope that this academic year will be challenging and rewarding.  The Hector Peterson Secondary School community has much to offer to all our students. I hope that students will avail themselves of the wide-ranging services and programs provided by the school, the Alumni group and the Office of the RCL and Student Parliament.


Hector Peterson Secondary School prides itself on getting the best from students. The growth of each individual student is a focus and our excellent and ever extending extra mural programme, leadership opportunities and newly established Academic Support Programme are one reflection of this.  At the same time, we recognize that we must ‘work together and learn together’ if students are to achieve their potential.  The co-operative effort of students, parents and teachers is at the heart of the excellent outcomes achieved and pathways followed by our students. This year 2017 Hector Peterson has over …. new students joining the School this year from a number of primary schools across the country and from the neighbouring schools, Enkululekweni, Emvumelwano; Wallacedene Primary.  The school is now bigger than it has ever been, but students are still able to enjoy learning in safe and friendly class groups.


Last year ended well, with some strong Year 12 Certificate results. 152  students passed, and with Bachelor (36), Diploma (74) and Higher Certificate (44). We are planning to use this as a baseline for the years to come


These kinds of results for a non-selective, low fee charging, big school are the product of:

1. An excellent culture conducive to achievement

2. An outstanding staff

3. Students who are goal oriented, motivated, who have good life balance, and who have respectful relationships with their teachers

4. The academic support provided to the students by the school

5. Structured and effective extra mural programme


The achievements of students in the varied areas of school life bring joy, pride, and encouragement to us all. Hector Peterson Secondary School draws its strength from the excellence of its teachers, the energy and diverse talents of its students, and a profound relationship of trust between the school and our families.


Hector Peterson takes its foundation, ethos, and inspiration from our youth of 1976 who fought for quality education and opening of opportunities for each and every student. As such, we aim to be a  school for all, respectful of difference, welcoming of all who seek to add to our community, and a school that is able to have all different kinds of people, ideas, talents, and interests fostered by our care. Our School prides itself on the broad curricular and co-curricular programs available to students, on our continued effort to develop a highly positive attitude and behaviour amongst our students and on the constant focus by our professional staff on developing and transforming teaching approaches to best meet the needs of students. We are dedicated to students’ physical, social and emotional development and to continuing our proud tradition of success in sporting endeavours.


I would also like to extend a warm welcome to our 350 plus cohort of alumni.  There are many activities and events at the School that I hope will be of interest to this group. We look forward to seeing many of our alumni through the course of the year and that this year we work very hard to double this number.  As we welcome back students and alumni to our school, we are not only looking forward to all the events and activities of a new academic year, but are also looking back over the years and decades of excellence. Hector Peterson  has provided generations of students with amazing opportunities for personal growth and academic achievement, access to a university education, and enriching educational programs; so our looking forward and looking back will inform our campaign as we celebrate our milestones and plan for the future., This new we kick-start the year with our new innovations, the School Communicator and the school website


The school just celebrated its 20 years (a place of spirit, energy, expectation, hope, and considerable good humour)


Wishing you all a blessed and fruitful 2017





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